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Chem Tier 4 Live Rosin by Punch Extracts - In Depth Strain Review - WestCoastCanna

Chem Tier 4 Live Rosin by Punch Extracts t4

Chem is a sativa leaning hybrid strain from Punch Extracts with unconfirmed genetics

Consistency + Visuals: 6/10

This rosin has a hard/shatter like fresh press consistency that is pretty tough to work with even at room temp, until properly cured. That being said, it has a nice clarity and even consistency.

Flavor: 7/10

The taste here is a bit more mellow than I was hoping for, but this oil has a nice mellow chemically pine taste like you might expect from this cultivar. Nice clean vapor without much harshness/bite to it.

Effects: 7.5/10

Nice uplifting head change that kicks in right away after consumption. Not overpowering but focused and happy for sure! Great as a daytime dab, and is a great wake and bake option. Medium duration.

Overall: 6.8/10

A good dab for the price point, but I was hoping for a bit more flavor from a chem cultivar

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