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Review: GMO Live Rosin by Real Deal Resin - Top-Tier LA Concentrate

Updated: Apr 10, 2022

A hard-hitting strain that can be beneficial for a variety of ailments. This rosin is pungent and powerful, if not slightly lacking in clarity.

It can be difficult to review and compare concentrates, because of the variety of extraction types, levels of purity/ cannabinoid content. That said, I do my best to give an unbiased opinion of this rosin.

First Impressions

This Real Deal Resin came from my local URBN Leaf Location. I switch back and forth between smoking resin and rosin due to the high price of rosin, as well as the purity of some resins, but it is definitely easier to get excited for a freshly pressed rosin (within a month and a half of purchase). This Rosin comes in at a relatively fair price range, and GMO is one of my favorite strains for a variety of medical benefits.

Opening the Jar: Look and Smell

Opening this jar at arm's length, you are immediately hit in the face with that

garlic-y scent that you have probably come to expect from GMO - due to its high beta-Myrcene, Limonene, and

beta-Caryophyllene content.

This rosin is relatively light colored, and also dry, which makes it easier to handle in a lot of dabbing situations. It is fairly opaque which can be counted as a strike against it, but all-in-all, it is clear that this is fresh and was properly processed and stored throughout the supply chain.

Quality of Smoke + High

I have a few rigs but elected to take my first dab of this Rosin through my Puffco Peak. It is a super reliable e-rig, that consistently delivers solid dabs. I like to load the chamber up relatively lightly then use a medium-high temperature to preserve flavor while still burning most of the wax down.

The taste matches the smell exactly. As the smoke starts to fill your lungs, you can almost immediately tell that this is a very different flavor profile. On the exhale, the smell of garlic floods your senses, almost burning your throat and nostrils. Great flavor that really shines through.

Feeling is very subjective, but this one doesn't kick in immediately for me. Instead, it comes on in waves over the first 5-10 minutes after consuming. Most of the feeling is concentrated behind my eyes, as well as in my legs, feet and torso. I do find some level of pain relief from chronic back pain and am now wanting to take a break from writing for a snack! A strong high off of two small dabs, as I have a very high tolerance.

Final Verdict

This is a really solid choice for anyone looking to purchase rosin that is not in the absolute top tier, but also packs a punch, tastes like flower, and is clearly processed properly. The appearance, smell, smoke and high are all strong, and while it isn't going to be the strain that immediately smacks you in the face, it can provide some lasting feeling and relief, even for those with a high tolerance.

This review is in no way sponsored by Real Deal Resin or associated companies.

Feel free to add any thoughts or feedback in the comments! Let's build a community out here.

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