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Double Scoop by Honeybutter Rosin Co - In Depth Strain Review - WestCoastCanna

Double Scoop Live Rosin by Honeybutter Rosin Co

Double Scoop is a hybrid cultivar with unconfirmed genetics from Aeon Farms. This jar features some gorgeous fresh-pressed Rosin. Let's get into it!

Consistency + Visuals: 8/10

With a nice thin tree sap consistency, this rosin is relatively easy to work with right out of the fridge. It features a gorgeous amber coloration and high clarity.

Flavor: 8.8/10

Flavors of sweet grapes and citrus come forward here, with a slight skunky funk behind those. Super clean and smooth

Effects: 8.7/10

Fast onset with additional effects over 5 mins or so. This strain gives a calm energy that starts in the head and works into the body, leading to a focused but not jittery high. Great daytime or afternoon smoke. Medium peak duration

Overall: 8.5/10

Absolute gem of a Rosin, especially at its price point

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