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Grape Guava Live Rosin by Real Deal Resin - Review

Updated: May 23, 2022

A Hybrid cross of Grape Tallyman and Strawberry Guava, this one is happy, uplifting, and potent. Manufactured less than a month ago, this is one of the freshest Rosins I have ever purchased in the price range and is a testament to their supply chain. The testing is as follows: THC: 78.1%, Total Cannabinoids: 82%, CGB: 3.3%

Grape Guava Live Rosin by Real Deal Resin is a Strong hybrid cannabis concentrate

Looking at the testing, this Rosin impresses right off the bat. High THC and total Cannabinoids suggest a strong high, while the unusually high CBG content tends to lean towards a giggly, bubbly feeling.

First Impressions

This Real Deal Resin came from my local URBN Leaf Location. Real Deal is in the middle price range for rosin at the shop, and when compared to similarly priced brands (ie. STIIIZY) the product is high-quality. The packaging is simple and appealing, and the square jars are a turn-on for me.

Opening the Jar: Look and Smell

This Rosin is smooth, clear, and smells fruity as its name (Grape Guava) would suggest

The smell of this one does not hit you in the face as strongly as some other strains on opening the jar. However, after a few seconds, you get a definite feeling that this is a strain deserving of its name. It is sweet, fruity, and has notes that would tend to lean toward indica (grape, passionfruit), as well as those that may lean sativa (citrus, lime).

This rosin is very light colored and clear looking as far as Real Deal/ similar Rosins go. Nothing to complain about on the appearance or consistency

Quality of Smoke + High

I have a few rigs but elected to take my first dab of this Rosin through my PuffCo Peak. It is a super reliable e-rig, that consistently delivers solid dabs.

This tastes really solid, leaning more toward the grape side in my opinion. The smoke is relatively smooth, though admittedly a little harsher than some others in the same range. This may be due to the high testing but is something to consider if you do not handle harsh hits well.

Feeling is very subjective, but I felt that this was a hard-hitting hybrid that kicked in soon after the fruity exhale, building through the first 5 minutes or so. The feeling is relaxing but creative, calming but invigorating. Very much a middle-of-the-road-hybrid feeling, which is not a bad thing. In my case, it offered some relief for pain and made me hungry, while also lifting mood.

This bright, clear rosin by Real Deal Resin (Grape Guava) is a hard hitter with pungent, sweet smoke

Final Verdict

This is one of the better waxes in the price range that I have seen recently. The aroma is tantalizing, and the taste matches it well. The smoke is pungent and strong, if not a little harsh. The high kicks in quickly and lasts for a relatively long time.

This review is in no way sponsored by Real Deal Resin or associated companies.

Feel free to add any thoughts or feedback in the comments! Let's build a community.

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