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Jellysickle Live Rosin by Honeybutter Rosin Co - In Depth Strain Review - WestCoastCanna

Jellysickle by Honey Butter Rosin Co Company Yellow Dog Cannabis Live Rosin Indica Hybrid Strain

Jelly Sickle is an Indica leaning hybrid strain bred by crossing Purple Punch and Jelly Breath. This 1g Rosin Jar is by Honeybutter Rosin Co, with the flower coming from Yellow Dog Cannabis in CA. Let's dive into the review!

Consistency and Visuals: 8/10

This rosin is relatively hard and tacky fresh press, like most of what Honeybutter puts out. It is tough to work with out of the fridge, but fairly malleable once you get it to room temprature. Allowing it to cure for a few weeks does it wonders. It is extremely clear and a nice, appealing and light amber color.

Flavor: 8.6/10

Strong sweet flavors of grape, mango, cane sugar, fuel. Clean and really delicious. Slightly harsh when super fresh.

Effects: 8.6/10

The effects on this strain are cerebral but very calming. The onset is quick, reaching full effects within a few minutes of your dab. It results in a nice calming wavy head feeling that put me in a really nice zen space. Not super sleepy and I find I am able to remain focused and productive. Nice morning smoke, or perfect to sit down and watch a movie or comedy show! Medium duration

Overall: 8.4/10

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