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Review: Kawamura Live Rosin by Real Deal Resin

Updated: Apr 10, 2022

An Indica leaning hybrid (crossing hard hitting Ice Cream Cake and mellow Kush Mints), this rosin was packaged a few months back and seems to have been kept at a less-than-freezing-temperature. The testing on this batch is as follows - THC: 71.7%, Total Cannabinoids: 76.3%, Terpenes: 5.7%

Kawamura Live Rosin Real Deal Resin Los Angeles California Cannabis

Looking at the testing, this Rosin impresses right off the bat. High THC and total Cannabinoids suggest a strong high, and the terpene content gives the impression it will have strong taste and smell.

First Impressions

This Real Deal Resin came from a local Shop, Megans Organic Market in SLO. It was neither recently packaged nor stored cold throughout the lifecycle, both of which are a bit disappointing. Moving past that though, it is a relatively inexpensive rosin (relatively!), with lots of packaging appeal.

Opening the Jar: Look and Smell

Kawamura Live Rosin Real Deal Resin Los Angeles California Cannabis

This strain hits you in the face right when you open the jar. It has the suspected flavors that come from its parents: garlic, gas, a hint of fruit and mint.

This rosin is a little bit darker than some, but nothing to complain about. All in all, it looks good and is of an easy consistency to work with.

Quality of Smoke + High

I have a few rigs but elected to take my first dab of this Rosin through my PuffCo Peak. It is a super reliable e-rig, that consistently delivers solid dabs.

The smoke on this one is really, really smooth, despite its strength. It comes across fruity and gassy, with some of the garlic I mentioned earlier on the exhale. The taste is really appealing but not very strong. Assuming fresher would be better as mentioned, but I have kicked that horse enough.

Of course, the feeling of any strain is subjective, but I got really indica leaning affects from this one, probably even more than expected. While slightly cerebral, it definitely leans toward the put-you-in-the-couch, see-you-tomorrow kind of mood. It is a body high for sure, with some tingling in my feet and legs after one large dab and with a high tolerance.

Kawamura Live Rosin Real Deal Resin Los Angeles California Cannabis

Final Verdict

This is a really good indica concentrate in a decent price range (for those who don't want to spend $80 or more for 710 Labs, Punch Tier 1 or 2, Cannabiotix (CBX) etc. The taste and smell are there, and the high is long lasting for experienced stoners.

This review is in no way sponsored by Real Deal Resin or associated companies.

Feel free to add any thoughts or feedback in the comments! Let's build a community.

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