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Review: Orange Rainbow Funk Live Rosin Butter by Cannabiotix

Orange Rainbow Funk is a cross if L'Orange and Rainbow Funk Gelato (as far as I can tell). It is a citrusy, sweet batter with an amazing flavor and lasting high.

First Impressions: 95/100

This rosin was packaged a month and a half before I opened and tried it, and it shows. It is one of higher testing rosins I have seen at 86.62% cannabinoids, and the terps are testing at 3.51%, which is good for a rosin. It is incredibly fresh and saucy, and it shows from the start

Smell: 100/100; Taste: 100/100

The smell here is INCREDIBLE. Straight Oranges on the nose with some gassy/grape tones underneath. It hits you from an arm's length and is absolutely perfect. The taste is right up the same alley, as much as I try to find a fault I cannot. Orange, grape, gas, but mostly ORANGE.

High: 100/100

This one is really, really strong. I bit off more than I could chew on an overheated dab early on, and I rarely say this about cannabis, but I had to lay down for a minute after. It is definitely energizing sativa, but I did not have any issues with anxiety, as it came with a happy/cerebral buzz.

Overall Score: 98.75/100

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