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Sour Cherry Cookies Tier 4 Live Rosin by Punch Extracts - In Depth Strain Review - Westcoastcanna

Updated: Apr 29, 2023

Consistency + Visuals: 6/10

Sour Cherry Cookies is a sativa-leaning hybrid strain from Punch extracts. Hard and shattery out of the fridge this rosin warms to a tacky/still slightly shattery consistency. It has a clear/light amber or tree sap color.

Flavor: 8.1/10 The flavor here is reminiscent of a really tart cherry limeade. Clean and relatively smooth taste and vapor, with a bit of a bite at the end.

Effects: 8/10 Zippy sativa high that kicks in almost before you even exhale! Sour Cherry Cookies concentrates behind the eyes for a productive and creative high, which is an ideal daytime smoke. Medium effect duration.

Overall 7.4/10 This rosin is very good for its price point, the flavor and effects are only really offset by the shatter consistency, which is a bit hard to work with. Overall can definitely recommend!

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