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ZedBand by Alien Labs - Strain Review - Westcoastcanna

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

First Impressions: 9.3/10

ZedBand is a 50/50 Hybrid Strain by Alien Labs, bred by crossing Zkittlez and Headband. The reviewed jar contained 2 large and 4 small nugs, with the large ones taking up the majority of the weight. The nugs are dense and uniquely structured, with a wide and lumpy growth pattern. They feature varied shades of green, accompanied by tangerine orange hairs and a coating of trichomes that are a solid indicator of its potency. Cure is good, a little undercured (better than the alternative). Testing as follows:

Package Date: 05/26/2023

Total THC: 30.83%

Total Cannabinoids: 37.11%

Smell/Taste: 9/10

Strong ground black pepper is the first smell that hit me upon opening this jar. It's super in your face and pungent, and pretty unmistakable. Behind this are an array of sweet and sour scents, with lemon and grapefruit at the front and grape + musk flavors in the back. The taste matches up nicely, peppery with a sweet aftertaste. Burn is a little slow and the ash is dark.

Effects: 9.5/10

This hits like a true 50/50, which I really enjoy. It smacks you in the head right away after ripping with the typical headband intensity, and settles into a nice calm, euphoric head and chest buzz. It didn't make me tired by any means, but definitely calmed my nerves and left a creative euphoria / general sense of Zen. Definitely potent and has more of a full-body effect after a few hits. Long peak duration.

Overall: 9.3/10

A very solid and unique flower that is intensely peppery and mildly sweet, with a really euphoric and calming effect. The burn was the only area where it didn't fully meet expectations.

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