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FloraCal Farms Gelato Mints Review - New Packaging, Same Quality

A balanced hybrid (crossing hard hitting Gelato and relatively mellow Kush Mints), this eighth was packaged a few months back but with the fresh seal intact I was not too worried. The testing on this batch is as follows - THC: 27.67%, Total Cannabinoids: 29.31%, CBD: 1.29%

FloraCal Farms Gelato Mints is a Gelato and Kush mints cross with large, colorful, frosty nugs with a punch

First Impressions

This Flower came from a shop called OnePlant in Lompoc, CA. It was packaged in Dec and purchased in late March, which is on the older side of still being considered "fresh" in my opinion. This flower is a relatively inexpensive choice, and the new jars FloraCal are using look good in my opinion

Opening the Jar: Look and Smell

These FLoracal Nugs definitely let you know that they will be strong before you grind them up

This strain has a pungent odor as soon as you open the jar and pull back the seal. As expected of a gelato cross, you definitely experience a grape/sweet berry aroma, mixed with a slight sweet mint from the Kush Mints

The nugs are large and frosty and I have not come across any seeds so far.

Quality of Smoke + High

I elected to smoke this flower out of my just-cleaned 12" Infamous brand Beaker Bong. I love this piece, it is a beautiful dark blue and chugs well for the size

The smoke on this one is smooth, but a little bit on the heavy side. It comes across gelato leaning, with the grape/blackberry flavors popping out of the purple flower as you inhale.

Of course, the feeling of any strain is subjective, but I got balanced effects from this strain. If anything, I would conclude that it feels slightly more indica than sativa (but probably in the 60/40 range). While slightly cerebral, it definitely leans toward the "I am hungry, and ready to watch some TV" side of things. It definitely has a strong feeling in the body and head which I can appreciate

They new floracal lids here supposedly have more freshness protection... Good if true I guess!

Final Verdict

Gelato crosses are rarely as good as the strain on its own, but I think that this Gelato Mints makes a case for itself. While the mellowness of Kush Mints is usually a turn off for me, it complements the stoney Gelato feeling extremely well. The smoke is very smooth and tasty, even when compared with cannabis at a significantly higher price point.

This review is in no way sponsored by FloraCal or associated companies.

Feel free to add any thoughts or feedback in the comments! Let's build a community.

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