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Review: Habit Cannabis Tincture (1000MG THC Strawberry Lemonade Medicated Syrup)

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

This Cannabis infused Syrup by Habit (@habitcrafted) is strong and cost effective. It tastes fine when mixed into soda, and hits relatively quickly. Also allows for a large range of dosages, which is great for new and experienced consumers alike.

This is a great product because the syrup consistency allows them to get around the 100MG THC limit on edible and drinkable cannabis products. The bottle comes with a 1ML doser, and also says how to use the cap to dose. I generally use between 100-150mg THC as a very experienced consumer, but as always, would suggest starting with 10mg and working up.

The color and flavor are fine, it is pink and very thick, but mixes well as advertised. I chose to mix it with sprite, and it was very easy to drink. Definitely a lot of sugar, and tastes like cough syrup on its own.

This kicks in fast (full effects within 45 minutes for me) and has a strong head high. Great for pain relief as well as anxiety/depression. Seems to lean hybrid, and definitely doesn't knock you out like an indica tincture can.

All in all, this is a great product for the price, especially considering that a 100MG dose costs about $5 here, as opposed to $25 with traditional cannabis edibles.

This is not sponsored by Habit or affiliates.

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