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Review: High Flyers Cannabis Edibles by Real Deal Resin (Solventless Cucumber Serrano Mango)

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

These gummies are my absolute favorite right now. I rarely if ever buy edibles but knowing RDR, I had to give these a try when I saw them on the shelf. After demolishing my first pack in a day or two, I went back and purchased 3 more packs. The Lemonhead Z Rosin that goes into these is divine and leads to a cerebral but not overwhelming high.

While there is generally not a lot to say about edibles, especially those that are infused with full spectrum concentrates in my opinion, these were a pleasant surprise.

I rarely purchase edibles because of the 100mg restriction and the crazy prices that have come with it. That said, I wanted to try these because solventless gummies do tend to be a bit stronger, and I love the brand.

The color of these gummies is a little bit odd (see below), but the flavor and texture are divine. The flavor kind of worried me at first, as I was not sure how the serrano would pan out in edible form. I was very pleasantly surprised by the mildly sweet and fruity taste with a refreshing spice to it from the pepper and cucumber. A step above other gummies for sure.

These are slow to kick in but very strong once they hit. I start feeling them around the 45 minute mark and come up around an hour. They are a nice sativa because of the Lemonhead Z resin, but do not cause an intense spike in heart rate like some other sativas can. It has me feeling awake but stoned, and definitely a little bit creative.

All in all, I cannot recommend these enough. Give em a try, and let me know what you think!

This is not sponsored by Real Deal Resin in any way.

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