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Strain Review: Rainbow Punch OG Live Resin Apple Sauce by Cannabiotix (CBX)

Rainbow Punch OG is a Hybrid Strain with relaxing and euphoric effects. It carries characteristics of its parent strains: Purple Punch and Rainbow

Real Deal Rosin Poontang Wilson Live resin 1 gram new packaging logo design
First Impressions: 95/100

This resin is a new strain from CBX as far as I know. It tests at 90.38% THC with 4.94% terpenes which is hard to beat! It is a live resin, and the apple sauce description from CBX generally means that it is a sort of diamond sauce with a ton of terps. Can be a bit annoying to scoop and moves around quickly, but that is mostly a sign of the terps and freshness.

Poontang Wilson 1g live rosin by Real Deal Resin

Smell: 93/100; Taste: 93/100

This wax smells and tastes excellent. Sour Grapes, tropical fruits, citrus on the nose, and a real hard hint of the sour grapes on the exhale. Not the strongest scent, but really pleasant. You can definitely tell that the THC content is as high as it is from the slight harshness of the exhale,

High: 94/100

The high here is great and creates a highly "tingly" effect throughout the body. It kicks in really quickly and lasts a fairly long time. It is a nice middle of the road hybrid that brings forth creative feelings for me. Very THC heavy without a TON of other cannabinoids which shows in the high.

Overall Score: 93.75/100

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