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Miyazaki Mango by Decibel Gardens (small nugs) - Strain Review - Westcoastcanna

Miyazaki Mango is a Sativa-Leaning Hybrid cannabis strain, bred by Decibel Gardens, crossing two of their award winning strains: Jack Sparrow and Watermelon Punch. The name refers to mangos which are grown in the Miyazaki Prefecture in Japan, which are known for their enhanced flavor and appearance, and fetch prices of up to $4000 USD a piece. Does the strain live up to the name? Lets find out!

First Impressions: 8.5/10

The reviewed batch of Miyazaki Mango is a half-ounce smalls bag, purchased from Megan's Organic Market in San Luis Obispo, CA. Honestly, the smalls lack immediate visual appeal, and are fairly leafy/stemmy. Once you look past that, you can see that the nugs are well frosted, and contain nice shades of light green, darker green leaves, and tangerine orange hairs. The photographed nug is the largest in the bag, at around an inch tall. That said, this is a really competitively priced bag, and that factors into the score as well. Testing as follows:

Package Date: 05/22/2023

Total THC: 32.6%

Total Cannabinoids: 38.3%

Smell/Taste: 9.3/10

This strain is loud, with the smell of ripe, juicy mangos filling the air as soon as you open the bag. It definitely has a piney/chemically effect from the terpinoline present in its Jack lineage, but this is masked by the pure sweetness of the mango scent. Slight citrus and melon smells are present in the background. The taste matches well and is really juicy and clean. It leaves me wanting to try the eighth jar, which is presumably even louder/tastier than the smalls.

Effects: 9.2/10

Strong zippy head rush with an accompanying weight behind the eyes that kicks in right away. As the initial rush calms down it is replaced by a creative and flowing energy, good for getting work done or doing some creative thinking. Long duration.

Overall: 9.0/10

Outstanding strain with a great juicy flavor and strong sativa effect. Not for those with severe anxiety.

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